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Medical professionals have been using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT Therapy for decades to treat divers with decompression sickness. Subsequently, HBOT was being suggested to treat various afflictions such as chronic wounds, gas embolism, etc.

In recent times hyperbaric experts are prescribing HBOT Therapy for Autism Treatment from more than 7000 hyperbaric centers world over as significant improvements have been observed in autistic patients after undergoing regular hyperbaric therapy sessions.

To comprehend the benefits and efficacy of HBOT Therapy for Autism Treatment, listed below are a few factors that provide better clarity on autism and the reasons for HBOT being prescribed as a safe treatment solution.


What is Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD?

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect children from the time of their birth. Behavioral patterns associated with ASD are known to be displayed by the affected children from the age of one. This condition is known to affect certain areas of the brain that control critical body functions such as speech, memory, recognition, motoring abilities, and other vital cognitive capabilities due to the lack of oxygen.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder find it difficult to cope with daily activities such as bathing, walking, eating, and impairs social interaction to a large extent.

ASD is known to cause repetitive behavior, difficulty in concentration and the lack of these skills leads to irritability and can cause severe emotional trauma for both the autistic patient as well as the parents, caregivers or guardians.


What are the Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Till date, there are no proven factors that establish the origins of Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, a few health professionals from the medical fraternity attribute the causes of ASD to genetic factors.

Medical observers are also co-relating certain environmental, prenatal, or perinatal complications to be probable causes for Autism Spectrum Disorder in children.


What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT is prescribed to an autistic individual after a thorough medical evaluation is conducted by a qualified hyperbaric expert.

On commencement of the HBOT treatment, the patient is placed in a pressurized chamber and administered pure oxygen at enhanced pressure levels that are three times higher than normal atmospheric pressure. The oxygen level can range between 1.2 atm to 5 atm as per the prescribed dosage. This process is believed to boost the oxygenated blood to all the oxygen-deprived parts of the brain tissue and activate the dormant cells that are responsible for the healthy functioning of basic cognitive abilities.


The Efficacy of HBOT Therapy for Treating Autism:

The primary factor that is associated with autism-related complications is the chronic inflammation of the brain due to the lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. The procedure of introducing pure oxygen into the blood supply of an autistic patient at enhanced pressure levels during HBOT Therapy is believed to instantly curb the inflammation and stimulate the damaged cells, thereby promoting regeneration of healthy brain tissue. This activity of cell rejuvenation is known as Angiogenesis.

Autistic individuals are prone to another condition known as Oxidative Stress that is induced due to oxygen deficiency in the brain caused by an imbalance of antioxidants and oxidants. Increased metal toxicity levels in the brain are also believed to trigger Oxidative Stress.

A recent study by Harvard Medical School has focused on certain biological markers that are known to cause oxidative stress in the brain tissue. As per their research study, the findings revealed that heightened Mercury levels in the brain were one of the prime factors that induce oxidative stress, thereby causing oxidative modification of the DNA and other important enzymes that are vital for the development of healthy brain tissue.

HBOT therapy is believed to provide significant relief to autistic individuals affected by oxidative stress as per numerous studies conducted on the subject since 2001 as this treatment strongly relies on enhanced oxygenated blood flow to the human brain that spurts the development of anti-oxidant enzymes and helps in restoring mitochondria cells.


The Benefits of HBOT Therapy for Treating Autism:

As per recent statistical studies conducted by the Department of Education in Hawaii, the autism rate in children has risen by over 2700 percent compared to the figures recorded way back in 1992. Genetic specialists have attributed this alarming increase in autistic individuals to genetic susceptibility prevalent amongst Asians and denizens of the Pacific islands.

As per reports provided by professionals working at the Hyperbaric Medicine Center based in Honolulu, the only hyperbaric facility operating in the State of Hawaii, there have been many instances wherein autistic patients are believed to have displayed significant improvement in their medical condition after undergoing regular HBOT Therapy sessions.
A detailed study was conducted on approximately sixty autistic patients after being prescribed a twenty-hour HBOT therapy over a period of six weeks.

The revelations of this study were extremely encouraging as most of the autistic individuals are believed to have shown remarkable changes in their cognitive functions such as:

  • Improved communication skills.
  • Better social interaction.
  • Enhancements in their imagination and creativity levels.
  • Increased ability to focus and reduction of tantrums.
  • Superior skill retention.
  • Healthier sleep patterns.
  • Overall improvement of anxiety levels.

In Conclusion:

Many prominent experts from the field of Hyperbaric science such as Dr. Paul Harch, Dr. James Neubrander, Dr. Daniel Rossignol, etc are known to have conducted numerous sessions of HBOT Therapy for treating Autism since several years with tangible success rates.

Hyperbaric therapy has gained a lot of prominence as a safer alternative treatment solution as this option is believed to provide significant relief for various other health afflictions that are related to Autism Spectrum Disorder such as Neuro-Inflammation, Cerebral Perfusion, Immune System Deregulation, Gastrointestinal Inflammation, etc.

The figures provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that the number of autism cases that are currently being reported in the nation is higher than all the combined number of cancer forms prevalent in the United States.

However, an early diagnosis of the disorder and adaptation of HBOT as a safe treatment option provides autistic patients with a valuable opportunity to live a healthy life with an enhanced state of well being.
The efficacy and benefits of HBOT Therapy gives a positive ray of hope to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder by helping them cope with this ailment in the best manner possible!


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