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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the availability of oxygen in the body with the help of a pressurized chamber. Many of the injuries, disorders, and health conditions grow because the damaged cells and tissues in our body don’t receive proper oxygen supply. During HBOT, the supply of oxygen is increased, and damaged tissues and cells receive more oxygen, which, in turn, starts the healing process. The process also enhances the body’s capabilities to reduce swelling, fight infection, kill bacteria, and allow growth of new blood vessels.


What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, commonly known as HBOT, is a treatment that involves inhaling 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber. During normal body functioning, red blood cells become the transporter of oxygen. However, in an HBOT chamber, oxygen dissolves in our body fluids such as the lymph, plasma, and the fluids of the central nervous system. It then becomes possible for the body to deliver sufficient oxygen to areas with low oxygen supply.


How Often Can People Receive HBOT Therapy?

The frequency of HBOT treatment depends on various factors such as the underlying condition, doctor’s recommendations, medical history, and the desired outcome. Many people receive two sessions in a day for five days every week. However, generally, most patients are advised to undergo three sessions in one week. After the completion of 40 sessions, progress and results are evaluated for further treatment options.


The consulting doctor usually prescribes the exact number of treatment sessions optimal for a patient, and interrupting the flow in between can reduce the effect. It can reverse the progress seen in early sessions, because of which HBOT sessions are a big commitment for the individual receiving it as well as the family members.

Selecting the Right Hyperbaric Clinic Near Me

If your consulting physician suggests that you try HBOT therapy, then you should look for a well-equipped and safe clinic in your vicinity. A known fact is that oxygen and electric don’t go well together, and hyperbaric chambers have a high supply of oxygen, which is used to heal patients. Hence, it becomes necessary to choose the best hyperbaric clinic near me in order to ensure safe and secure treatment. You should also be aware of the services that will be offered and how the whole process will be carried out.


Consider these 10 things before selecting the best hyperbaric clinic near me:

1. Evaluating the Condition

The first thing to consider is if the clinic can properly evaluate your condition. This is the primary step that every hyperbaric clinic near me will take. A specialist doctor will assess your condition, evaluate your medical history, and analyze what medication you are on. Then, in coordination with your primary care physician, a treatment plan will be generated.


2. Initial Consultation

Although evaluating the condition is also a part of the initial consultation, there is more to this segment. Apart from consulting a doctor and deciding on a treatment plan, a good HBOT clinic will walk you through the possible side-effects of this treatment, the benefits, and how many success cases they have had. They will inform you of the approximate amount of time within which patients with your condition start showing improvements. In fact, you will get to see the apparatus and chambers that they will be using.


3. A Brief Overview of the Session

The clinic will tell you the guidelines for entering the chamber, such as not carrying electronics in the chamber or not wearing any form of jewelry. Apart from this, you will receive a detailed brief of how the whole process will be carried out. From this information, you will be able to assess if you can comfortably complete the procedure without any hassles.


4. Pre Check-Up

Initial consultation and evaluation are carried out to check, evaluate, and analyze your condition. But, you need to separately assure if the clinic will carry out a pre-check-up before every session. It is necessary to see if the vital signs and health condition of the patient is stable before the therapy is initiated. If not, then most good clinics reschedule the session instead.


5. Regular Monitoring

During the therapy period, the patient should be monitored regularly to ensure that everything is working smoothly and progress is being made. Additionally, this also offers an assurance to the patient that someone is present to handle the situation if anything goes wrong or if the patient doesn’t feel alright inside the chamber.


6. Experience in HBOT

While choosing the best hyperbaric clinic near me, you need to make sure that this clinic has been in operation for a few years at least. If they are new in the business, then it might be advisable to go to a clinic that has more experience. This is essential, as an experienced clinic will be able to handle certain emergency situations more responsibly and efficiently.


7. Safety of HBOT Chambers

When the clinic shows you the chambers that they have, check for yourself if this place and the equipment seem safe. You will have to spend around 60 minutes inside the chamber and you should be sure if it is safe and secure. Apart from this, most of the best clinics allow parents to stay outside the chamber to support their children.


8. Treatments Offered

Most of the popular and experienced clinics offer a number of services. They will hand you the details of an array of treatment plans and therapy options along with their success stories and the people that have benefited from the HBOT therapy received at the clinic.


9. Emergency Evacuation

As hyperbaric chambers have high oxygen flow, these are susceptible to fire, which is why HBOT chambers have built-in fire suppression systems. At such times, an appropriate system should be in place to evacuate the patient out of the chamber.


10. Therapy Pricing

Lastly, you should consider the prices that a particular clinic is offering. You can accomplish this by analyzing the pricing model of several clinics. Don’t fall prey to the temptation of low prices as a low pricing model may have hidden charges.


Selecting the Right HBOT Clinic: Look Out For Cleanliness

HBOT treatment is a major treatment option for various people, which makes it necessary to select the right clinic. Check the cleanliness status of this clinic and the hyperbaric chambers. If things look dirty or unhygienic, then search for a different clinic. Also, it is suggested that you check reviews of the clinic before signing up for the therapy.

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