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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been used for treating decompression sickness (DCS) for a long time. HBOT has been proven to treat and improve other medical conditions as well. Because of its reaping benefits, more and more people are opting for the hyperbaric chamber. To meet its growing demand, many companies have started manufacturing hyperbaric chamber with improved technology and also the inside environment of the chamber. In this article, you will find all the necessary points you need to check while buying from any hyperbaric chamber manufacturer. But before you go ahead to buy one, you must first know more about the hyperbaric therapy.


What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric therapy is a treatment where the patient is allowed to breathe 100 percent oxygen at a higher level of atmospheric pressure. With the help of this treatment, a greater amount of oxygen is absorbed by the blood cells, which helps the wounds and other medical conditions recover faster.


How Does a Hyperbaric Chamber Look Like?

After reading so much about the hyperbaric chamber, you may be wondering how it looks like. Generally, it is an 8-feet long tube and looks like a vessel in which HBOT is carried out. Inside the hyperbaric chamber, a patient can breathe 100 percent oxygen at an atmospheric pressure, which is more than the standard atmospheric pressure. These HBOT chambers are large enough so that the patients can get a comfortable treatment. While getting treatment in an HBOT chamber, you can listen to your favorite music, or you can even watch your favorite shows.


FDA’s Take on HBOT

The FDA has approved the use of HBOT chambers after knowing about its enormous benefits. They have recommended it for treating a number of medical conditions such as:

  • Anemia
  • Brain injuries
  • Air or gas embolism
  • Crush injuries
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Skin grafts
  • Hypoxia
  • Radiation damage

Before getting approval from the FDA, the usage of HBOT was restricted in the USA. But, since the FDA has approved the use of HBOT chambers, more than 30,000 patients are receiving the HBOT treatment every day.
So, with the increasing amount of successful cases, more and more people are now opting for HBOT. A few things that you should consider before buying an HBOT chamber are listed below.


Things to Look Out for While Buying an HBOT Chamber

The first thing you need to know about hyperbaric chambers is that there are only two types: 1) monoplace hyperbaric chamber, 2) multiplace hyperbaric chambers.
In monoplace hyperbaric chambers, only one patient can take the treatment at a time. While in multiplace hyperbaric chambers, more than one patient can avail the treatment at a time. The HBOT Chamber Manufacturer can make both types of HBOT chambers based on the requirements. So, before buying a hyperbaric chamber, make sure which one you need and which one meets your requirement. And also make sure that the chamber is comfortable and safe enough for the patients to use. Since HBOT takes a long time, comfort and safety is something you can’t compromise with.


Fire Repression System

A fire repression system is one of the most important things to remember while selecting a hyperbaric chamber. It should be one of the main concerns while choosing a multiplace hyperbaric chamber. You should check whether it has deluge system. You should also check whether it has regular oxygen monitoring. If the oxygen level exceeds 21 percent, there should be an audible and visual alarm present to warn you about it. So, for safety, this is one of the most important items to check while ordering a hyperbaric chamber with any HBOT Chamber Manufacturer.



If you don’t know about the proper pricing of a hyperbaric chamber, you may end up paying much more than you should. The pricing of the hyperbaric chamber differs based on its features. While some may be highly priced based on high-end superior technology and security, you can even get the not-so-expensive chambers. But, if you are looking for a hyperbaric chamber with superior and updated technology, be ready to pay a hefty amount. While buying, make sure that the proposed price includes all the charges or if there are any hidden charges. But remember, the more the price, the better the quality. It will be a wise investment.



Each hyperbaric session lasts for around 60 to 90 minutes, so make sure that the built of the material is strong enough to withstand a 90-minute session while being depressurized. This is an important quality check for the hyperbaric chambers that shouldn’t be neglected anyhow.



There are mainly two kinds of design of hyperbaric chambers. One is vertical, and the other is horizontal. One may choose the design of the hyperbaric chamber based on their preferences. For example, a person who is claustrophobic may not like the idea of lying down in an enclosed chamber, so the vertical chamber is a wiser choice.
If you’re considering opening a hyperbaric therapy center, you should keep in mind all the above points so that you don’t miss out any of the features while choosing a hyperbaric chamber for your hyperbaric therapy center. You can even search for HBOT therapy near me and check what kind of hyperbaric chamber they are using.



Choosing a hyperbaric chamber can be tough, mainly if you don’t have much information about them. Consider buying a hyperbaric chamber that mainly suits your purpose. To make sure that you’re choosing the right one, you can crosscheck it with other hyperbaric chambers by just typing HBOT therapy near me in the search box of Google.

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